BDVS was created by a dynamic sibling duo:  Kerryn & Gart Buck.  

We developed this software as we were learning to become Trauma Registrars with Pomphrey Consulting.

We have consulted with some of the brightest Trauma Registry minds within Pomphrey Consulting to make BDVS the best and ONLY Validation software to date.


Buck Data Validation Systems does not offer external Trauma Registry Validation services.  Our software is for your internal use.  We highly recommend the Pomphrey Consulting team with the most experienced CSTRs, fully trained in BDVS to assist any needs for external Validation.


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Gart Buck

Developer & Lead Programmer

Kerryn Buck

Developer & Lead Programmer

Merryn Buck

Validation Consultant & Matriarch


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Taking the Frustration out of  Validation


BDVS has taken what tends to be a labor intensive task with multiple sheets of difficult to read information and combined them into one easy to use, comprehensive format.
Your Workbook will calculate Trauma Registrars IRR and report areas for focus and education.    

Trauma Registrars Productivity can also be tracked in Charts per hour, IRR, Average ISS & Hospital length of stay.  BDVS returns an accurate overview of your Registry Productivity & Reliability, for teaching, training and reporting.  We customize every system to fit your needs.